A Peek into my World

Oct 20

I’m not certain what your mindset is but for myself, full-time office lifestyle is quite frankly not my cup of tea. Then that being said, I formerly dreamed that office assignment was for the really good. At one point of time, I was actually into believing that most people going around in their professional office suits and attires were fabulous. Not surprisingly, I was really driven to succeed in my professional job.


Now it is 2 year since my college graduation and things are no longer quite the same as they always appear to me. I was quick to realise that management and business roles were lifeless and they were definitely not the idyllic images that I imagined them to be. No, I’m not failing. I actually had gotten myself into one of the fortune 500 companies globally and that is a fact, I can reveal to you. Unfortunately the 2 years I spent there was nothing but fun and no matter how much I attempted to relish my assignment, I simply cannot do it until I finally said enough was enough.

Some people I spoke with label me of being impulsive however I can guarantee you that it is not the way it is and preceding to calling it quit, I did my research and look around my peers who happened to graduate from the same batch as me. I do not come across many of them to be in nicer standing than myself. In our case, money was not the problems. As most of us were employed in basically profitable organizations, we were favorably recognized in financial terms.

If I was looking for a stable job, I would stick on with my job. However it is the office politics that pissed me off. I detest it when I must be not who I am. I love reasoning and arguing but only when folks argue on the benefits of an idea rather than some hidden intention. I attempted to think that my days suppose I need to endure such process for twenty or thirty years. I only have 1 life and I should cherish it. After months of stalling, I built the decision to cease delaying and never to look backward anymore.


With the money that I have accumulated over the two years, I am at this point pursuing my other obsession in life and that has something got to do with the kitchen. Even though my obsession is clearly grueling (you know how kitchen works) and exhausting, I am enjoying myself most of the time and time just passes on without me ever realizing it.

I am writing this weblog out of interest and I just would like to figure out how good I am into this entire blogging thing. I take it as my personal diary, but a digital one. If you think my information material insightful, that is good. If not, thank you for stopping by.

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